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Fortnite Vynl., 5Star Action Figures, Pint Size Heroes, & More POP! Coming From Funko

Hot off the heels of last months Fortnite POP! announcement, Funko has revealed that they are going ALL IN with Fortnite for the end of the year, with new products all across their product lines. All of these are availble to pre-order at our sponsor EntertainmentEarth.com!

First up is the latest additions to the Funko POP! line, Dark Voyager & Rex!

Next is the 5 Star Action Figures of Love Ranger, Moonwalker, Omega, Tomatohead, & Zoey.

Next up is Fortnite Vynl. 2-Packs. The 2 sets will have Cuddle Team Leader & Love Ranger and Rex & Tricera Ops.

The Fortnite Pint Size Heroes will not be in blind bags like normal, but they will be in 2-packs!

And finally, we have the Pocket POP! Keychains.


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