Funko Really Big Mystery Minis, Garbage Pail Kids coming in July!

Every 80’s kids greatest dream come true, the incredibly gruesome pun filled playful Garbage Pail Kids coming to life in vinyl form! I remember the anticipation of going out to buy the GPK stickers to fill my collectors book to the brim, I for one can’t wait for the release of these Mystery Mini’s. Coming in at 3.75 inches they are slightly larger than the current Funko Mystery Mini’s that come in at 2.5 inches. These Mini’s are slated to feature

Adam Bomb
Dead Ted
New Wave Dave
Ghostly Ashley
Nasty Nick
Bony Tony
Leaky Lindsay
Tee-Vee Stevie
Hot Scott
Mad Mike
Ali Gator
Clark Can’t

all are a 1 in 12 rarity.



They will also be releasing the iconic poster child for the Garbage Pail Kids franchise which is the classic Adam Bomb. He will measure in at 10 inches. He will definitely be a must have pop! Pre-release orders are currently being taken on various websites. I for one can’t wait for this line!





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