Line-Ups For Funko POP! Bob’s Burgers, Bioshock, Alice In Wonderland, Toy Story, & Sailor Moon Revealed!

Gamestop update their in store computers this week to show a list of new & reservable POP! figures. No other information has been released, except that most are going to be available in October.

POP! Animation: Sailor Moon
-Sailor Moon w/Luna
-Tuxedo Mask

POP! Disney: Toy Story
-Buzz Lightyear

POP! Disney: Alice in Wonderland (Live Action Movie)
-Cheshire Cat
-Mad Hatter
-Queen of Hearts

POP! Games: Bioshock
-Big Daddy (6 inch)
-Booker DeWitt
-Booker DeWitt (Skyhook)
-Little Sister
-Songbird (6 inch)

POP! Television: Bob’s Burgers


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