New Funko POP! Glam Shots Of Nosferatu, Pinhead, & Gigantor!

Funko updated their website today with new information & glam shots of some new horror movie & Gigantor!

Pop! Animation: Gigantor
Bigger than big, taller than tall!
Gigantor, the classic crime-fighting robot,
is getting his own Pop! figure!
The Gigantor series is widely revered for
introducing anime to an American audience!
Make sure to add this timeless character to your collection!
Coming in August!

Pop! Movies: Hellraiser
Pinhead, from the cult classic Hellraiser series,
now comes in Pop! form!
The leader of the Cenobites comes bearing
his Lament Configuration puzzle-box!
Are you brave enough to try to solve it?!
Coming in August!

Pop! Movies: Nosferatu
Our Nosferatu Pop! is perfect for horror purists!
Predating sparkly vampires by almost a century, Nosferatu
stands alone as a classic icon of what scary movies should be!
Just don’t take him into the sunlight!
Coming in August!


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