SDCC Funko Pop Frenzy! and $200 Pops on Ebay

To Funko Pop collectors it’s no surprise that the brand has found insane popularity among collectors. They are affordable, adorable and made in the image of some of our most favorite pop icons. For some of us, collecting Funko Pop’s is capturing a bit of our childhood and displaying it proudly on a shelf. For others, it is a way to make some money and we see  this prominently displayed at conventions everywhere but none more prominent the San Diego Comic Con. Our crew on the Con floor tell us that the Funko booth is a mob scene, hoards of people just waiting for an opportunity to grab their latest and greatest exclusive. From the photo’s I have seen it doesn’t look like there are even coherent lines forming, yet these folks will wait hours just for the opportunity to get one of these exclusives. the good news however, is the tweets I am reading are suggesting that those that have waited in line  are making it through with all the pops they were hoping to get.

It seems however, the most valuable piece at this years con for Funko is the Exclusive Conan O’brien pops, some of which are already showing up on ebay for over $200 a piece!


The bottom line is Funko is killing it and it is always very evident when we get to these cons. and see the excitement over all the exclusives.

If you aren’t able to make it to the SDCC don’t worry, some of these awesome exclusives are available at other retailers! We picked up some of ours at Hot Topic and Barnes and Noble!



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