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11668143_407189002822111_1309795014_nAt San Diego Comic Con 2010 Funko debuted what is now the lovable, adorable pop icon toy line we affectionately know as Funko Pops. It has been 5 years and the brand has grown in popularity due to the simplicity, affordability and of course the sheer cuteness of some of our greatest pop culture icons old and new. With the gaining fan base, and the diversity of the demographic, there are bound to be people out there that want more out of the brand. People are dying to get their hands on their own personal pop culture icons weather it be comic book icons, music icons or even childhood toy icons, and that is where our artists come in.

Through various groups, message boards and of course Facebook I have come across many talented artists that are trying their hand at customizing these adorable Pops. I have seen some pretty amazing pieces, but one person’s work has stood out to me. Today we feature the customization work of the very talented Sierra Young of Night Owl Customs. I first saw Sierra’s work when a photo was circulating of the Pop version of Stitch and Toothless wearing each other’s respective costumes (these happen to be two of my favorites).


After seeing this image I had to do further digging to find Sierra’s FACEBOOK PAGE where I was able to see the depth of her amazing artwork. Sierra is extremely detail oriented and on point with her customization work, creating works that Funko themselves would be proud of. I had an opportunity to speak with Sierra and ask her about what started her on this journey.

To be honest, when I first saw Pops I thought they were the ugliest things (forgive me, I knew not!). We got our first in a loot crate and then my boyfriend insisted he needed to order the four TMNT because Loot Crate had them on sale. I still wasn’t impressed, but a week later when we were in Barnes & Noble, I saw Maleficent and it was like the curtains were pulled back. I couldn’t get over how adorable the Disney ones were. 5 turned into 40, 40 turned into 150 and 150 turned into 400+. I have always been artistically inclined, sewing, homemade piñatas, painting, sculpting, scrap-booking, cake decorating, you name it, I have probably done it! So when someone posted in the groups that they were looking to trade a couple pops for a custom Venom, I thought I should give it a try. It has proven to be something I truly enjoy doing. I am a stay at home mom so this gives me a way to bring a little extra cash into the house, work on my own schedule, be home with our kid and have an amazing artistic outlet. I have met so many amazing people within the Funko community and I am so glad I tried my hand at customs because it has opened the door to so many opportunities and possibilities. My latest pair, Carmen SanDiego and Waldo, will actually be auctioned off to help my mom pay for a handicap accessible van for my little sister. I wouldn’t be able to do something like that if I worked a regular 9-5 so I consider myself very lucky, even when I feel like I am drowning in orders, I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

Below you will find a gallery of her work, She has an INSTAGRAM and a FACEBOOK page where you can contact her to get your very own custom Pops made. If that isn’t cool enough, her boyfriend makes custom shelving for Pop’s called Schimming Schelves and you can visit his FACEBOOK here.


the Night Owl Customs Collection on Schimming Schelves



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