August Nerdblock Unboxing – Ghostbusters Extravaganza!!!

For those of you that have gotten to know me by now (Robyn) you will know that I am a HUGE Ghostbusters fan, I collect all things Ghostbusters, I used to dress up like a Ghostbuster for charity (yeah.. for charity),


and a little known fact about me, I was a paranormal investigator for a good 10 years of my life. The movie Ghostbusters to me was not only just a fun movie, it was the start of a lifelong obsession with the paranormal for me I would speak at conferences on the subject and even did a pretty awesome radio show about it, but I digress. I get very geeky about it and I am very proud of my collection thus far, that is why this months Nerdblock was about the greatest gift I could ever get! Please understand that this unboxing video doesn’t even come close to showing my actual enthusiasm about the contents but it was so filled with amazing Ghostbusters swag that I don’t think I could have gotten a better box. I want to just say that the care that Nerdblock took this month, giving us a box with a custom exclusive Slimer from a great (yet smaller) toy company was awesome! The shirt was perfect and the trap lunchbox was awesome. Definitely my favorite Nerdblock so far though I could be extremely biased. I think that of all he subscription boxes we get, Nerdblock is my favorite for the price and what we get, I was only ever disappointed in one of the blocks and that’s just simply because it was Anime and I have no interest in Anime. I realize it can be hard to put together a block that is going to satisfy everyone. Nerdblock August edition did not disappoint me. Enjoy the video, and of course there are spoilers in here guys, I am showing you the entire contents!


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