First Look At Star Wars POP! Jabba The Hutt, Slave Leia, & Salacious Crumb Exclusive 3-Pack

Be warned, the image in the post also contains the August Marvel Collector Corp spoilers. Our favorite WWE Superstar, Zack Ryder (no, really, I was a Broski of the Week), got a special package from Funko this week. Included was a variety of exclusives, including SDCC & MCC POP! figures. But among them all is the first boxed image of the Jabba the Hutt 3-Pack that was revealed at Fun Days in July!

This was rumored to be a Wal-Mart Exclusive, however the lack of a sticker my debunk that. Not all exclusives get stickers, remember the Frozen 3-3-Pack. Thanks to Zack Ryder’s Instagram for the image. Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

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