Funko / Star Wars Episode 7 Leakgate and our role

As many of you know (and have seen) earlier this week prematurely rolled out the pre-release for Funko’s Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens toy line. The images were quickly saved and then of course re-circulated throughout the Funko community, the Star Wars Community and the Toy Collecting community in general. Even we, here at jumped on the chance to bring you this breaking news, and of course a first look at the photos, and we were able to do so for quite a while until we were contacted by Funko directly and asked to take the photos down.

I wanted to write this article to explain why we obliged, and to curb any rumors that are floating around that Funko was “threatening” us to take the photos down or that we were worried about a “lawsuit” with Disney. Those two statements are simply untrue. We chose to take the photos down after being asked (NOT FORCED) by Funko to help them out and remove the photos. We did this out of respect for the brand that we obviously love (or we wouldn’t devote an entire fan site to the brand itself).  It’s simple really, If Funko were to upset their relationship with Disney, the ramifications are that we could eventually lose all the awesome Disney / Marvel / Starwars pops we have. Why, as fans of the brand, would we want to be responsible for that? I am certainly not saying that Funko is in any kind of danger of losing the licensing, but we never know what is going on behind the scenes. We don’t even know if the leak could have been intentional as a marketing ploy. The one thing I do know, is many of us have seen the photos and there is a lot of hype about how awesome they all look, and we will be able to see them legitimately on September 4th. Until then, don’t believe everything you read, our experience with taking down the photos was not threatening in any way, it was a company reaching out to a fan, asking to help them out and I think that speaks volumes about the kind of company Funko truly is.


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