Napoleon Dynamite Funko Pop releasing this September!

Yes I love technology, but not as much as Pops you see! Napoleon and his wacky crew are looking incredibly sleek in pop form in the newest Pop! Movies Funko release! Napoleon is in his dance pose, Pedro is looking slick in his bolo tie with just the perfect amount of facial hair, Kip is holding up his sign for his true love LaFawnduh, Uncle Rico is well… uncle Rico, and the incredible Deb is posed perfectly with her side pony tail and her fanny pack! These already look like pure perfection and I will be owning every one of them! Napoleon and Kip appear to have actual plastic in the glasses, which for whatever reason I love! I can’t wait for Patt and I to get a hold of these and do our video review for you! You’ll have to wait until September though, just in time for my birthday.


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