Some Funko POP! NYCC Exclusives Confirmed Hitting Retail!

Last week, a Funko employee revealed that some of the NYCC exclusives will show up at retail. Similar to how Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble, and more got some of the SDCC exclusives, it seems like these retailers are looking to get lightning in a bottle again! There was no set reveal of who would show up where, but if you look at the pictures released for the exclusives, you will see that some say ‘Limited Edition,’ while others say that they are limited to a certain amount of pieces, and the logical bet would be ‘Limited Edition’ ones showing up at retail, while the number ones only being at NYCC.

In case you do not want to go through and look for all the Limited Edition labelled POP! figures, I have them all here for you!

Catbug (Glow in the Dark)
Jack Skellington & Vampire Teddy
Cthulhu (Patina)
Kratos (Poseidon’s Rage)
Cookie Monster (Flocked)
Power Armor (Unmasked)
Tie Fighter Pilot (Chrome)
The Iron Throne

More on this at it gets closer to NYCC.


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  1. I am in search of all of the NYCC 20115 exclusive Funko POP!s that will be in stock at HOT TOPIC. I am a collector who only wants one of each of the few I’m looking for. I am not the type of collector that buys all of your inventory all at once, therefore screwing over the true collectors. Please let me know when this will take place, so I can take a shot of the few pops i desperately looking to add to my condition. As I mentioned, I am only looking for one of the a few of the pops I’m in search of. Thank you for all your help an understanding! Best wishes, Tony Bruno, A true collector.

        1. it would appear as the Tie Pilot has not shown up at Retail as of yet. for SDCC, there were a few that stumbled out well after the con ended, so do not give up hope yet!

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