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Carlo Wendell Gomez – IGeek Customs

12096513_1208636145832889_1990492138265732313_nI think it is safe to say that I personally appreciate all forms of art, I am constantly amazed that people can take an idea and translate it into a physical manifestation of that idea. We see art everywhere we go and sometimes forget to take a moment to actually respect those artists. I find that to be true in the Pop! collecting community. We often scroll by all the custom pieces we see, give a little like and move on. Sometimes people are just starting out and have a lot of work ahead of them, and then there are people like Carlo Wendell Gomez, who clearly just have natural artistic talent. Today we at Funko Fanatics are here to give Carlo a little recognition for his awesome artwork in our community.

12162800_1208625092500661_106539428_oCarlo is a 38 year old artist from the Philippines and he is no stranger to custom work, he has been creating custom action figures since 1999 and around 2011 he began sculpting larger scaled statues and found himself hooked. When he became interested in the Funko Pop! Line, it only seemed natural that he would find a way to customize these figures using his many years of experience. Beginning around April of this year he initially started out creating environments for the pops, basically little diorama pieces filled with detail to enhance the display of the Pops, and then moved to creating action poses. Carlo told us that he prefers to start the body from scratch as it gives him more freedom on the look and feel of the figure, he also feels it gives the custom piece a more personal touch and we couldn’t agree more he does however usually use vinyl head in his pieces.

Thankfully for all of us Carlo does sell his work, and commissions his talent too. you can find him online here:



igeek customs


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