Funko Pop! Carnage and Anti-Venom Showing Up For Sale Outside Of The US

There has been a lot of Buzz about both Carnage and Anti-Venom Pops being made. The fans have been clear on what they want and it looks like Funko has delivered at least for those fans that live outside of the United States. Both Pop Vinyls are available on for sale which is an Australian based online retailer. There are rumors that they will be exclusives here in the US to either GameStop or Hot Topic, or even one respectively at each but there has been no official release date here in the states yet. Some have even speculated that Carnage would be the exclusive in the next Marvel Collector Corps box because Carnage appears on the front of the box, but as we know that isn’t always the case with any of these subscription boxes. I guess we will just have to wait patiently here in the US or pay a whole bunch of shipping from overseas!

antivenompopvinyl carnagepop


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