Funko Pop! Civil War Exclusive List With Photos

As a follow up to our previous article about the release of Captain America: Civil War funko pops, we have gotten word on where some of the exclusive for this line will be release along with some great glam shots.

Hot Topic Exclusive: Unmasked Iron Man Pop! and Falcon Pop!
Target Exclusive: Crossbones [Battle Damage] Walgreens Exclusive: Unmasked Black Panther
Barnes & Noble Exclusive: Unmasked Crossbones Pop!
GameStop Exclusive: Action Pose Captain America Pop!




We are seeing some creativity from the standard Funko Pop! sculpt lately, which definitely started with the Superman sculpt from Batman V. Superman and we are getting to see more of that creativity in this line with the Falcon sculpt. I also feel like the artists over at Funko are taking a good look at the custom artist and are getting some great ideas from their versions, I have seen this unmasked Iron Man from custom makers in the past, I loved it from them, and I love it now. I also like the Captain America pose which is different from the norm. I think this line is going to be very popular. Pre-Orders are available from many online retailers.


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