Another Mystery Funko POP! Coming To Hot Topic?!

Hot Topic tweeted out this today.

The Funko community has been swirling about this for the past few days, and it would appear as if Hot Topic will have another Mystery POP! This will be similar to the Mystery Black Friday POP! event they held, which had the black & white versions of Harley Quinn, The Flash, Superman, & The Joker. This time around, the silhouette is clearly the original Deadpool mold.

There are just some rumors at this point, but it looks like there will be 3 different colors of Deadpool, Green, Black, & Blue. While it is also not confirmed that this will be the original #20 mold, as there as been a blue/yellow (X-Men), and black/red (Inverse) versions of that mold, the latter being an exclusive to Fugitive Toys. I would be more inclined to say that it is possible that these will be from the current releases of Deadpool, #111 Two Swords or #112 Thumbs Up. However FYE has an exclusive blue/yellow Thumbs Up as well. Maybe they will all be the same mold, maybe we could see a mix of different molds (Green #20, Blue #111, Black #112??). Concrete news on these should be available this week!


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