Funko Toy Fair Sneak Peek

Funko released some photos of their booth at Toy Fair 2016. We are currently sitting in our hotel room in NYC waiting for the doors to open tomorrow so we can bring you some more gems from the Funko Booth. We will also be doing a live Periscope so be sure to follow us there @popomaticbub. For now we will leave you with some photos of what is to come, including a KILLER Spider Gwen pop and Super awesome Ghostbuster Reboot Pops!

2016-02-12_1849 2016-02-12_1849_001 2016-02-12_1850 2016-02-12_1850_001 2016-02-12_1850_002 2016-02-12_1850_003 2016-02-12_1851 2016-02-12_1851_001 2016-02-12_1851_002 2016-02-12_1851_003 2016-02-12_1852 2016-02-12_1852_001 2016-02-12_1852_002 2016-02-12_1852_003 2016-02-12_1853 2016-02-12_1853_001 2016-02-12_1853_002 2016-02-12_1854 2016-02-12_1854_001 2016-02-12_1854_002 2016-02-12_1855 2016-02-12_1855_001 2016-02-12_1855_002 P1010230 P1010231 P1010234 P1010235 P1010236 P1010237 P1010238 P1010239 P1010240 P1010242 P1010243 P1010244


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