Vinyl Idolz – American Psycho and Breaking Bad!

Funko has made some pretty amazing business decisions over the years, one of my favorites was teaming up with Vinyl Sugar and putting out this fantastic line of collectibles  called Vinyl Idolz. If you haven’t seen these figures yet you have obviously been living under a rock. They are a highly stylized sculpt of some of pop cultures finest figureheads (idols if you will, hence the name). They have announced two extremely cool figures to be released in April of this year. both lovable and evil at the same time! American Psycho’s own Patrick Batemen, with his axe and his clear raincoat! And the super smart Chemist turned meth dealer Walter White of Breaking Bad. Both figures depict the character perfectly and I will definitely want to add both of these to my currently growing collection!

You can pre-order them at by clicking the pictures!


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