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Funko Reveals Exclusive POP!, Dorbz, & Hikari Coming To Emerald City Comic-Con

Today, Funko finally revealed their ECCC Exclusive line-up! These will all be available, in limited supply, at ECCC April 7-10.

Here is the planned pricing on the items, directly from Funko.com

Pop!s: $15 (mini 4-pack $25)
Dorbz: $10 (2-pack $20, Dorbz Ridez $25)
Vinyl Figure: $15
Hikari: $80

Dorbz: DC – Batman Bullseye Suit (300pcs)

Dorbz: ECCC Crusader & Crusaderette 2-pack (250pcs)

Dorbz: Emerald City Comicon Freddy Funko (250pcs)

Dorbz Ridez: 1966 Batmobile – Chrome-Plated (500pcs)

Hikari: Godzilla – Deep Sea Godzilla (100pcs)

Hikari: Guardians of the Galaxy – Green Grunge Groot (100pcs)

Hikari: Marvel – Mean Green Hulk (100pcs)

Hikari: Universal Monsters – Toxic Green Metaluna Mutant (100pcs)

Hikari: Star Wars – Green Stormtrooper (100pcs)

Pop! TV: Peanuts – Snoopy & Woodstock (Flocked)

Pop! Literature: HP Lovecraft – Nerd Cthulhu (300pcs)

Pop! Games: World of Warcraft – Murloc (Glows In The Dark) (300pcs)

Pop! Marvel: Green Goblin (Glows In The Dark) (300pcs)

Pop! Minis: Mint Snoopy Flocked 4-pk (500pcs)

Pop! TV: Adventure Time – Green B-MO (Glows In The Dark) (250pcs)

Pop! TV: Adventure Time – The Lich (Green) (250pcs)

Pop! Freddy Funko – 12th Man Freddy Funko (250pcs)

Fallout: Vault Boy Vinyl Figure (Green) (250pcs)


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