Updated Timeline For 2016 Funko ReAction Releases

One of Funko’s ReAction designers, Reis O’Brien, posted this information on a Facebook fan page for Funko’s ReAction figures.

Hey gang! Well, we all had a sit down and managed to hash out which new ReAction figures will be hitting in 2016. This is a pretty complete and solid list for this year, but as always is subject to change. I don’t have exact release dates for any of this, but I tried to note the general time frame. I can’t name exactly which characters will be in each series yet.
And here we go!

Aliens – 3 pack Power Loader, Alien Queen & Ripley (6.15.16)
Chucky – July 2016
Nightmare Before Christmas Series 2 – July 2016
Golden Girls – July 2016
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – August 2016
Addams Family – Late summer/early fall 2016
E.T. – Late summer/early fall 2016
Dark Crystal – August 2016
Back to the Future 2 – Late summer/early fall 2016
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Wave 1) – Fall 2016
The A-Team – Fall 2016
American Psycho – Fall/winter 2016
The Godfather (Wave 1) – Fall/winter 2016
Conan the Barbarian – Winter 2016
Red Sonja – Winter 2016


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