Funko Gives Clues For The Next DC Legion Of Collectors Box (Possible Spoilers)

If you do not want to know what is in next months Legion of Collectors box, click away now!

For those who stuck around, DC Comics sent out the following teasers through some of their social media accounts.

It would appear as if it’s pretty darn clear that we will see Jay Garrick & Supergirl in this box. I don’t think they will both be POP!s, as a Supergirl should be a mass retail release. But, I think Jay Garrick is an obvious, and outstanding, choice for a POP! in this box. Back to Supergirl, this might be the perfect spot for them to debut the Rock Candy line, announced back at Toy Fair. We will find out soon enough, as this box ships in a few short weeks!


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