New Funko POP!s Revealed In GameStop’s In Store Computers

News hit the internet today of a long list of new Funko POP!s that are now able to be pre-ordered at your local Gamestop. This is big news, because much of what was revealed has not even been announced by Funko! Before posting an article, we took the time to head over to our local store, and confirm that this list is in the computers. So, now that we have some confirmation, here is the previously un-announced POP! figures that showed up.

POP! Animation
-Duck Dodgers
-Duck Dodgers K-9
-Marvin the Martian
-Rick & Morty
-Space Ghost
-6″ Elliot from Pete’s Dragon

Megaamn (POP! Games)
-Dr. Wily
-Ice Slash Megaman (Gamestop Exclusive)
-Fire Storm Megaman (Gamestop Exclusive)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (POP! Movies)
-Scott Pilgrim

Willy Wonka & The Choclate Factory (POP! Movies)
-Augustus Gloop
-Charlie Bucket
-Grandpa Joe
-Mike Teevee
-Veruca Salt

POP! Rocks
-Amy Winehouse
-Axel Rose
-Lemmy Kilmister

POP! Star Trek

POP! Star Wars
-Degobah Yoda
-Endor Luke
-Rey in X-Wing Helmet (Gamestop Exclusive)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (POP! Television)
-The Atom

A-Team (POP! Television)
-BA Baracus

Doctor Who (POP! Television)
-Tenth Doctor
-Eleventh Doctor
-Davros 6
-War Doctor
-Twelth Doctor w/Guitar

Mr. Robot (POP! Television)
-Anglea Moss
-Elliot Anderson
-Mr. Robot
-Tyrell Wellick
-White Rose

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (POP! Television)
-Black Ranger
-Yellow Ranger
-Blue Ranger
-Green Ranger

-Kevin Owens
-Bret Hart
-Eva Marie
-Bray Wyatt

There were no release dates given, so it is still a crap shot as to when they will hit, but you can reserve any of these at your local GameStop!


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  1. So, I’m suppose to be able to preorder the mighty morphin power rangers (in the select colors above) at any local GameStop? The reason I’m asking is because, some of the stores will state they will not preorder funko pops.

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