Funko’s Latest Periscope Reveals Some New Exclusive POP! Vinyls, Including A Flash & Arrow Tease!

Funko went live on Periscope tonight and showed off a bunch of new POP!s!

-Hot Topic Exclusive Aloha Stitch
-Hot Topic Exclusive Rick with Portal Gun (Rick & Morty)
-Wal-Mart Exclusive My Little Pony Glow-in-the-Dark Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, & Rainbow Dash
-The Flash Gorilla Grodd (only on the back of the Zoom Box)
-Arrow Malcolm Merlyn (only one the back of the Speedy Box)
-Toys R Us Exclusive Teen Titans GO! Robin as Batman, Starfire as The Flash, & Raven as Wonder Woman

They did not show the back of the Teen Titans box, but one can assume that Cyborb as Green Lantern & Beast Boy as Martian Manhunter are to follow!


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  1. Are the teen titans only in the states or are they coming to Canada? I haven’t seen the red or orange raven at hope it later for Canada.

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