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New Funko POP! & Dorbz Line-Ups Leaked In GameStop’s Pre-Order List

This past week, GameStop updated their in store computers with a load of new POP! & Dorbz vinyl figures. There was much rumor over if these were real, but I visited my local store and saw the following Funko products in the computer with my own eyes.

Horror Dorbz

Disney’s Moana Dorbz

Batman v Superman Dorbz
-False God Superman

POP! Animation Cowboy Bebop

POP! Animation Scooby Doo

POP! Disney A Bug’s Life
-Princess Atta

POP! Disney Princesses

POP! Disney The Little Mermaid

POP! Games Call of Duty
-Guillie Suit

POP! Games Dishonored 2
-Unmasked Corvo

POP! Games Gears of War
-Clayton Carmine
-JD Fenix
-Locust Drone
-Marcus Fenix

POP! Games Q-Bert

POP! Games Street Fighter
-Hot Ryu (GameStop Exclusive)

POP! Harry Potter
-Bellatrix Lestrange
-Fred Weasley
-George Weasley
-Mad-Eye Moody
-Professor McGonagall
-Harry Potter with Prophecy Stone

-Alex Ovechkin
-Carey Prince
-Connor McDavid
-Henrik Londqvist
-Jamie Benn
-Jonathan Toews
-Morgan Riley
-Patrick Kane
-Sidney Crosby
-Steven Stamkos

POP! Star Wars Rouge One
-11 Unnamed POPs!

POP! Television Ash vs. The Evil Dead
-Ruby Know

POP! Television Blacklist
-Reymond Reddington
-Elizabeth Keen

There has also been a list from the Canadian EB Games (same parent company as Gamestop) that showed these. These should be taken with a grain of salt as of right now, but hopefully we will have some info soon! These are all huge leaks if they are true, with Rebels, X-Men, & Five Nights at Freddy’s all being great line-ups.

POP! Marvel X-Men
-Kitty Pride
-Storm with Mohawk

POP! Star Wars Rebels

POP! Heroes The Killing Joke
-The Joker

POP! Games Five Nights At Freddy’s
-Nightmare Freddy
-Spring Trap
-Spring Trap Bloody


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  1. I pre ordered Sebastian and flounder back in July the day I saw the gamestop list aND they were supposed to be out in September. They aren’t in. Does anybody have any info on them?

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