Did You Want Some Moana Funko POP!s? Good, Because There Are A Lot Coming!

Boy oh boy are there a lot of Moana POP!s coming. Moana & Maui are surely there, as well as a young version of Moana. A 2-Pack with Moana (in my opinion, the best POP! of her) & a Kakamora will also be released. These are able to be pre-ordered by clicking the images.

Have enough Moana? Wait, there is more!

Target will have the exclusive Moana with a spear

Wal-Mart will have the exclusive Voyager Moana

Hot Topic will have an exclusive Seated Young Moana

Books-a-Million (including 2nd & Charles) will have this exclusive pose Maui

That is a whooping 6 POP!s of Moana & 2 of Maui. It seems as if Funko is hoping that this will have the same amount of success as Frozen. All of these will be out in November!


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