The Hot Topic Nerdette Shows Off Hot Topic’s October Funko Exclusives!

Hot Topic is loaded with upcoming exclusives this month, and the HT Nerdnette shows them all off in the following video.

In case you do not want to watch, here are the Funko items they showed off
Lounging Gudetama
Steampunk Batman (Gotham by Gaslight)
Shadow Freddy
Glitter Dress Ariel (new pose)
Bloody Cassidy
Holiday Sweater Harry Potter & Ron Weasly
Comikaze Glow in the Dark She-Hulk
Comikaze Chome Colossus
Exclusive Fallout 4 Mystery Mini Assortment
Exclusive My Little Pony Mystery Mini Assortment

Now, if you look closely, behind the Nerdette, you will see 5 blurred out items. Clearly they are 4 POP!s & a Dorbz. These look like the shared NYCC exclusives of Black Batgirl of Burnside, Seated Sally, Behemoth, Jane of the Volteri, and Mallet Harley Quinn Dorbz.


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