Philippines Fast Food Chain Jollibee Mascot Joins The Funko POP! Ad Icons Line

Another new Ad Icon has joined the party, however this one will be out of the grasp of many. This one is the Jollibee from the popular Philippines Fast Food Chain.


ollibee, the popular fastfood chain in the Philippines and an emerging global brand, has been spreading the joy of eating for 40 years now. The brand’s Jollibee mascot is a beloved icon and is ingrained deeply in the country’s pop culture. And what better way to commemorate Jollibee’s 40th year than having its very own Funko Pop! A first for a Philippine brand, the Jollibee Funko Pop! is sure to become a fan favorite for collectors around the globe.

Jollibee, a large bee mascot dressed in a blazer, shirt, and chef’s hat. was introduced by the brand in 1980. Now a cultural icon and symbol of Filipino pride, the Jollibee mascot represents the company’s mission of spreading the joy of eating around the world.

Available in the Philippines this July.


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